Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Wild fire #MFRWhooks

The onset of fire season should be the hottest thing about interviewing smokejumpers for Whitney Storm—until she sees Tom MacKenzie. The firefighter set her heart aflame ten years ago, then disappeared. As an emapth who doesn’t need emotional turmoil, this six-foot tall dark and dangerous memory has no place in her life.

As a smokejumper, Tom’s job keeps him face to face with danger and he thought he knew how to handle heat. But the uncontrolled burn whenever he’s near Whitney is hotter than he remembers. He’s ready to face the past and make amends. She’s made it clear she wants nothing to do with him.

A life-threatening problem flares when a killer’s greedy obsession threatens everything. Can Tom and Whitney learn to trust each other again and protect all that they hold dear, or will their world turn to ashes around them?

~A page turning, couldn't put it down paranormal romantic suspense by author Sloan McBride~

~Ten years ago, Whitney Storm said yes to Tom MacKenzie in more ways than one.~ 


The reporter’s laughter floated around Wolf as he approached, caressing him like a heat wave from a wild fire.
“Lookout, can I interrupt?” Kevin asked.
The woman spun around with a smile, but it faded as soon as she saw him.
“Ms. Storm, I’d like you to meet Thomas Wolf MacKenzie.”
“Hello, Tom,” she said with cool detachment.
Tom gulped air that seemed to have evacuated his lungs from an invisible punch to his chest. “Whitney?”
“You two know each other?”
Whitney turned her full attention to Kevin, but not before Tom saw the flare of surprise then anger in those electric blue eyes. She kept her tone matter of fact. “We met a long time ago, Kevin.”
“Whitney, honey.”
“Don’t.” She averted her frosty eyes and clenched the notepad she carried in front of her like a shield.
“We’ll let you two get reacquainted.” Kevin grabbed Jones and ushered him toward the door.
“Ten years feels like a lifetime,” she whispered with her back turned and her spine rigid.
Tom cringed. Her words stung with unmistakable bitterness. He had thought of her a million times, even picked up the phone and dialed her number, but never got past the first ring. And now, here she stood as radiant and beautiful as he remembered in his blazing wet dreams. “What are you doing here?”
“Believe me. It has nothing to do with you.” The venom spilled from her lips.
“I didn’t—”
She turned to face him. In a glacial tone, she said, “I’ll make this simple. Because I am a professional, I will conduct myself as such. I’ll talk to the others, take my notes, and be gone by Friday. You,” she shot him a lethal glare, “stay out of my way.”
“Whitney, I—” He reached out, but she stepped past him and exited the hangar.
In the empty barracks, Whitney threw her notebook against the wall and crashed onto the small cot, curling into a ball and grabbing her knees to still the convulsive shakes. Tears broke the plane of her bottom lid and trickled down her cheeks as her teeth bit her lip to hold back the sobs. How could he be here? She’d convinced herself he’d gone to Tibet to live with monks or the Alps to work with rescue teams, to get as far away from her as he could. How ironic that he ended up living only a few hours away.
Wolf suited him, the journalist in her registered, even as she reeled from the shock of seeing him again. Waves of hair fell around his ears. Those green eyes held the same fiery spark, and she didn’t remember ever seeing his body in such fine shape. The gray t-shirt he wore clung to broad shoulders, thick biceps, and a hard slab of abdominals. He’d matured.
Tom’s persistent determination had planted him in her life twelve years ago. His fierce love for his family softened the rough edges. She’d been lost the moment she looked in his eyes.
The tone of his voice still made her quiver. “Damn him.” 


  1. What an intense meeting. Just how bad were things in the past

  2. That was an explosive meeting. Love it!!