Wednesday, March 13, 2019

“I’m not crazy.” #MFRWhooks

The Fury: Time Walkers, Book 1 

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Reese dreams of falling for a man who shares her love of archeology and ancient civilizations. But being attacked by a horde of demons and rescued by a Sumerian God-a well-armed, gorgeous Sumerian God-opens up a whole new world she never knew existed. And awakens a mysterious power within her that attracts all kinds of supernatural attention.


“Drive out of the city. We’ll find a cheap motel to stay for the night.”
“I’ll go out of the city, but only so far as my house,” she countered.
Dagan gave her a penetrating stare. “You’ll do as I say.”
She growled. “I could go to the police station so they can arrest your ass for kidnapping.”
He couldn’t help but laugh. She had a feisty streak. And, for some reason, she had been able to subvert the spell. This warranted some serious investigation.
“You think this is funny?” She frowned. “You fly out of nowhere, knocking me down and bruising my…” He glanced over at her. “Never mind.” She sighed. “I only have your word that those people were actually after me.”
She had a point.
Dagan took a minute to study her before saying, “They shot the melari dart at you before I appeared.”
The truth of his words registered on her face as she absorbed what he’d said.
“I’m an archeologist. I don’t know anything important or top secret. My job actually bores most people, unless they love digging around in dirt to find pieces of ancient civilizations. Why would I be in danger?”
“It’s not what you know but who you are that puts you in jeopardy.”
“You make no sense.”
He gently trailed his fingertips down the sleeve of her coat. He used his mental powers of persuasion to calm her nerves and minimize her fear.
“I can’t be sure those demons are not following us. They may already know where you live and could be waiting.” He felt her fear escalating again, and a glimpse of her disappointment had him saying, “I’ll give you ten minutes at your place to grab some things.” Maybe having some of her personal belongings would make this ordeal a little easier, if that were possible. “Then we’ll find a motel. Once I’m sure you’re safe, I will answer your questions.”
Reese frowned, her brows dipping between her eyes. Waves of uncertainty coming off her battered him.
“Did you say demons just then? Demons, like in horror movies?”
“Not exactly like the movies, but demons they are.”
“Have you visited a psychiatrist lately? I know a good one. I can give you her card,” she offered dryly.
“I’m not crazy.”
She gave him a yeah-right look, but said nothing more.
It grew darker as the Denver city lights disappeared behind them. They drove in silence the rest of the way but still her confusion tangled with his resolve.
After Reese pulled into her driveway, he stopped her from getting out.
“Wait.” He scanned the darkened area. The snowfall had stopped. He detected no sign of the galla. “Your nearest neighbor is one point seven miles away?”
“How could you know that?”
He released her arm and got out of the car. Moving immediately to her side, he used his body as a shield to protect her. Once inside the house, he ordered her to stay put.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

"She fled the only home she'd ever known" #MFRWhooks

'Tis just as well," he spat. "She'd long since lost her value to me."

From that day forth, Rhianna had done all she could to oppose the chief, using any means necessary. Her greatest pleasure would be the downfall of Conar MacKay.

Stepping onto the scorched stones of the hearth, she shoved aside the heavy tapestry behind which lay a hidden alcove. It held the secret of the clan. She crossed herself. "Please, Holy Father, give me strength." The prayer did little to ease the lump in her chest or the ball of anxiety in her stomach.

Slinging the edge of her breacan back, she reached into the small opening, grabbed the treasure, and uncovered it. Concealed in the silvery velvet cloth was a smooth ivory-colored stone with veins of jade snaking through it. The magical heirloom had belonged to the MacKays since the beginning of time and had brought good fortune to the clan. She'd seen it only once before. Losing the talisman would ruin her father and she hoped it would be a painful ending.

"Carrick, why have ye forgotten me?" she whispered. He'd not returned from his mission and she could wait no longer. She must flee or be handed over to another ruthless bastard, Ross.

After slipping the precious stone back into its covering, she tucked it deep in the pocket of her skirt where it would not fall out or be easily grabbed by thieves. She tiptoed into the buttery to grab oats and nuts for her journey and, with tear-filled eyes, canvassed the room. Memories too numerous to count flooded her heart. With trembling hands she lifted the large tapestry concealing the secret door that led to an escape tunnel. In one hand, she carried a torch lifted from the wall to light her way down the damp eerie passage. It ended outside the gates where she doused the flame so as not to be noticed by the guards.

With trepidation, she fled the only home she'd ever known—the home of her ancestors.

The stark white moon cast dark, ominous shadows through the forest. Smells of rotting wood and stagnant water reminded her of the dungeons at Strathnaver. She and her brother had played there as children. She'd be thrown into the dungeon, if caught. A twig broke under her foot, echoing loud in the stillness. Birds took flight, causing leaves to drip water they'd held from an earlier rain. A symphony of night music accompanied her hurried steps.

Nervously, Rhianna reached into her pocket and rubbed the MacKay talisman, finding comfort in its presence.

"'Tis nothing more than to be far away from his reach I be wanting," she muttered.

Rhianna's feet slipped on the moss-covered forest floor. White mist clawed at her hem while strange-colored clouds gathered in the sky. A shiver of foreboding raced down her spine. She'd never seen the like. Her fingers stroked the stone more quickly. She moved deeper into trees, hoping to escape the strange fog, but it twisted around her ankles and legs, rising to envelope her from head to toe. Fear unlike any she'd ever known gripped her soul. The fog thickened and the world turned black.