Sunday, October 8, 2017



I know it's been a while and I apologize.  Spring and Summer came, we picked up our daughter from college, and nothing was ever the same after that.  She is done with college and home doing her own thing.  You'd think I would be able to get back to my own thing.....Nope!

It's not her fault.  It's mine.  I am easily distracted sometimes, and family always comes first.  So, if there is a problem that needs solving for anyone, including my day job, I'm there trying to help solve it.  That has happened a lot over the summer. 

I'm excited now that the cooler weather is on the horizon.  I cannot stand the heat and the cooler Fall weather will put me back in a writing place.

Actually for the last couple of weeks, I have been meeting one of my critique partners at the local library on Saturday afternoon.  We find a quiet place (something I don't get at home), and we work on our books.  That's been pretty awesome.

I've done a lot of exciting things over the summer in the writing industry.  Right now, I'm working with a new group to make an audiobook for "The Treasure."  I'm very excited that this is happening.  My biggest problem is trying to pick the right narrator.  The narrator for "The Fury," was wonderful and he spoiled me with his talent. He had a different voice for every female and every male character in the book.  It truly was like radio theatre from the olden days before televisions.  Alas, he is no longer working on audiobooks, at least right now, because his life ventures have changed and he's pursuing his career.  I'm very happy that things have turned for him.

Anyway, I just started Chapter 11 of the new book. While I know I have some more research to do, I'm going to focus on getting the first draft completed.  Once I do that, the research and the editing will get easier.  Still, I have at least 50,000 more words to write.  I'm determined to get this first draft done before the end of the year, which is a drastic change from the beginning of the year where I had a goal of getting 2 books done. (Hah! Pipe dream!)  Things are hopefully falling into place allowing me to do just that.

I will try to not such a long gap go by before I post more about the writing adventure.  I hope you'll keep checking back.


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