Thursday, October 19, 2017


So my husband likes to leave the garage door open because he goes out there to smoke.  A little while back he tells me that he went out one evening to smoke and he heard a noise.  When he went to check it out, he found a little bandit trying to get into the 40 pound bag of dog food he'd just bought at the store.  It ran out when it saw my husband.

So he picks up the bag of dog food and puts it on top of the 4-drawer file cabinets we have out there.  The next night he finds the little rascal has climbed up onto the cabinets and is trying to get in the dog food again. 

My husband cusses and chases him out of the garage.  He runs out into the night on the driveway looking for the masked bandito, but doesn't see him.  When he turns to come back into the garage, he sees his nemesis sitting on the fence.  So he says, "I'm going to go get my shovel and beat you to death."  My husband swears the critter was giving him the finger....LOL 

I know, but you had to be there because this went on for a couple of days and it was hysterical.

We found out about a week later that a neighbor from across the street had a coon trap and he caught the little guy and took him to a field nearby and set him free.


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