Tuesday, August 29, 2017

McBride Moxy Book Review

The Way You Bite by Zoe Forward

Velvet Scarpa, veternarian who secretly works on the occasional werewolf. In doing so, she puts her life in danger because she is a vampire and her father is head of the vampires in the U.S. Vee works at a small clinic, has her own apartment, and enjoys her freedom. All of which will soon be taken away when she is forced to marry Ambrose DiFalco. Her father wants children from the union for what purpose she has yet to figure out.

On a night when she'd been given a warning about being late, Vee is hurrying to get done at the clinic so she can get to the gala at her father's estate. An unexpected and unwanted patient derails her plans. Lexan Dimitrov, King of the Werewolves has gunshot wounds and needs immediate attention. Although she believes the war s useless killing on both sides, he is her sworn enemy. How can she help him?

Lexan comes to the clinic with the specific intention of meeting Vee. A promise to an old friend has him plotting how to get her out of the country. He didn't count on the animal attraction which is sure to cause more problems with an already tense situation.

I like the characters. Vee is take-charge and unwilling to let anyone have control over her. Lexan is the oldest of his kind and still thinks in the old ways which wears on Vee's independence.  The war isn't the only battle going on.

It gets a 7 on the McBride Moxy Meter

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