Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wednesday is When Day!!!

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So the new year is here and I just took my daughter back to college.  I have a huge goal of writing 2 books this year and I'm not having a great start.  I got sick with bronchitis the day after Christmas and that really takes a toll on the body....LOL Here's to wishing that everyone has a great New Year and all your dreams come true. 😊


When does a good book stimulate the imagination?


When is the best time to tell your parents you're dating a werewolf?

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 When is the best time to eat chocolate?

Well according to my daughter -- all the friggin time -- but for me it is comfort food so I eat chocolate when I'm feeling down or sad; when I feel happy and excited; when I'm writing and need some brain food.  Hmmmm, so maybe she's right.....LOL

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Happy Wednesday.  See you next time.


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