Wednesday, November 23, 2016


I know I'm behind on the Wednesday is When Day posts, but first there was the election, and there were enough posts about that.  😀  Then last week I was sick.  But, I'm back this week just a little late in posting because I've been helping my daughter who is home from college for the holiday do a film for one of her classes.  

Here we go.

When does homework give you a headache?  😊

Image result for santa claus clipartWhen did you stop believing in Santa Claus?  


When do you put up the Christmas decorations?

I want to pass on traditions to my kids and have them pass them on to their kids.  I started thinking about what traditions I have from my parents.

The one for the holidays is this.  On Thanksgiving Weekend my Mom, my brother and I would always put up the Christmas decorations and the tree.  Every year we tried to do something different with the decorations.  It was fun to come up with new ideas.  

There is a specific way you have to put up the tree.  First you put it together, (my Dad nor my husband liked real trees so we use artificial), then you spread the branches out so it looks full.  Next comes the lights.  You can either put the twinkly ones down the inside of the tree or use the stationary ones for that.  I use the stationary ones.  Then you put the other lights all around the fuller parts of the tree.  One key point is to first sit down with all the strands and plug them in to make sure they all work.

Next comes the ornaments.  Every year since my kids were born I have bought them an ornament.  The first few years I bought the Hallmark ornaments.  My son had the larger bears.  My daughter the smaller bears.  I have five for each.  Then I would get them ornaments with their names on them or ones they had made at school.  As they got older I tried to get ones having to do with what they were interested in.  Sometimes they were from Hallmark, and sometimes they weren't.  Now that both my kids are adults, I still buy them one ornament each at Christmas and put it in their stockings so they will have ornaments to put on their own tree one day.  This is a small tradition I started that I like to think they will pass along.

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