Tuesday, July 12, 2016

McBride's Moxy Book Review

Time Untime by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Ren Waya—in another life—had allowed his thoughts to be controlled by The Grizzly Spirit and had paid the ultimate price—death.  Betrayed by his brother.

The Goddess Artemis brought him back, gave him a second chance.  As a dark hunter he is tasked with protecting  In his human life he’d been hurt by so many people that should have loved him that in this life he keeps to himself.
the world from daemons, who prey on human souls.

The playful Kateri has a somewhat normal life if you call dreams filled with images of places she’s never been and a man she’s never met normal.  She doesn’t believe in the supernatural.  One night said man kicks in her door.  Now she’s in the middle of a battle between two brothers—one good, one evil—and is running for her life in another realm.

It’s an interesting story full of mythology.  If you’re a dark hunter fan you’ll recognize some of the people helping Ren and Teri.

It gets an 8 on the McBride Moxy Meter.

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