Monday, March 28, 2016

McBride's Moxy Book Review

  by Lora Leigh

Although this is an older book (2006), Lora Leigh delivers an exciting, suspenseful tale.

Client “Iceman” McIntyre is a sexy, determined Navy Seal who is good at his job.  After tearing apart an infamous drug cartel he’s home for some R&R.  While there he checks on his best friend’s little sister like he’s always done.  The problem is Morgana Chavez is not so little anymore.  From a very young age she’d watched him with a hunger.  His common sense deserted him when she was 18 and he kissed her before leaving for the Navy.  Big mistake!  He can’t get that day out of his system.  When her brother isn’t around, he’s her protector and he won’t break that trust with Reno Chavez.

Morgana had always had her sights on Clint McIntyre, but he brushed her aside every time.  Well she grew up and got sick and tired of waiting on Clint to come around to her way of thinking.  Not to mention, she’s tired of being “protected.” She went to college and now works for the DEA which puts her in dangerous situations.  She’s on a case concerning a date rape drug, so she frequents certain night life establishments.  Clint finds her one night and all hell breaks loose because she can’t resist teasing him, and he can’t resist proving a point.

This story is entertaining and hot.  I highly recommend this book and series.

It gets a 9 on the McBride Moxy Meter
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