Thursday, July 2, 2015


Do you ever have this kind of stuff happen?

So for months the strip around my windshield has been popping out and dear hubby keeps saying he will take it to the glass place to have it replaced, but there are more important things to do first like put tires on my car, which should have been done a year ago.  But first, wait, I need brakes because they’ve been squeaking.  So dear hubby gets the brakes and pads and puts those on one Sunday.

Two weeks later we get new tires (Hooray!) and the strip is still coming out even though he put some kind of glue stuff on it.

It’s been a couple weeks since the tires were put on and now every time I put the brakes on the whole car shakes (Ahhhhhhh).  I ask dear hubby and he says call the place where we got the tires.  I call them and they say it sounds like a brake problem, but it didn’t start doing this until we got the tires…..(Grrrrr).



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‘A Pirate’s Life for Me,’ that is Celeste’s plan. Revenge drives her to be daring. Attacks by smoke demons, and the appearance of a swashbuckling rogue—a handsome rogue with magical powers—detracts her from the mission and reveals frightening truths about her family.