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So a while back, my husband was watching the History Channel as he often does.  They were talking about the Hyperian Belt (I think that was the name) where big chunks of the universe float around and sometimes get knocked out of the belt and go hurling towards our planets.  We know them as comets.  They talked about how recent information has given them another direction to go in to determine how the planets were formed.  It was kind of interesting if you like all the physics talk.  (I kind of found it interesting because it does relate to my writing in some ways.  Wait until you see what I do with the book in my Time Walker Series about the world going to hell.  Global warming has a definite impact.) 
Anyway, my question after all that was:  “How did all the planets and moons end up round?”  I mean really.  There has to be some kind of explanation for it.  The asteroids aren’t round, the meteors and meteorites aren’t round.  How did the planets end up that way?


Credit for the images used in this blog go to NASA:  

                                          (Simply Amazing)

(Beautiful but deadly)


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