Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Here's a little tidbit of information relevant to my upcoming release.

What famous pirate flew this flag on the mast of his ship?

What story does this image tell?


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Thursday, July 2, 2015


Do you ever have this kind of stuff happen?

So for months the strip around my windshield has been popping out and dear hubby keeps saying he will take it to the glass place to have it replaced, but there are more important things to do first like put tires on my car, which should have been done a year ago.  But first, wait, I need brakes because they’ve been squeaking.  So dear hubby gets the brakes and pads and puts those on one Sunday.

Two weeks later we get new tires (Hooray!) and the strip is still coming out even though he put some kind of glue stuff on it.

It’s been a couple weeks since the tires were put on and now every time I put the brakes on the whole car shakes (Ahhhhhhh).  I ask dear hubby and he says call the place where we got the tires.  I call them and they say it sounds like a brake problem, but it didn’t start doing this until we got the tires…..(Grrrrr).



~~From the Heavens comes a Prince who will melt your heart.~~

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Thursday, June 18, 2015


 I’m a definite dog lover.  When I was a kid, I used to go out in the neighborhood in the summer to play and come home with a dog I found wandering the streets.  At times we’d have five dogs at my house until we could find the owners or homes for them. 

 My beloved wiener dog Chumpy was a special fella. He was my best friend. When I first got him, I would take him to school in my pocket because he was so small. (He did get bigger). He had kidney disease and toward the end lost control of his bowels and urine all the time. I ended up putting him down when my son was just 1-1/2 years old.  I’d had him for 14 years. 


 My female dog (Oakley) that I felt I had to get to keep my male dog (Jack) company is terribly afraid of thunder (since turning 3 years old, she is now 12) so every time we have a thunderstorm she freaks out and keeps me awake for hours and hours.  I have to remind myself that I’m an animal lover (no, I really am).  It’s just lack of sleep every time we have a thunderstorm takes a lot out of a person, especially when you live in the Midwest and you get thunderstorms often in the season. 
I had to ask the vet for something because she would shake the whole time and her heart beat so fast I was afraid it would blow up.  (I’m not kidding, it beat that fast).  The little thing has anxiety attacks every time.  He gave me some pills and told me to give her one-half and that was great the first couple of times.  She would get sleepy which worked well for both of us.  However, that didn’t last long.  I don’t know if she built up an immunity or fought off the sleepiness (she didn’t like it very much [neither did I], it would last for two days), but they quit working.  (Hello, sleepless nights).

I increased to one pill instead of half (okayed with the doctor), but she’s a smart cookie and she quit taking the pills from me, any pills, including her allergy medicine.  (She didn’t trust me, hmmmm).  I had to get my daughter to start giving her the allergy medicine so she would at least take it. I didn’t give her those other pills again (totally not worth it).

Sometimes they are worse than children…... LOL   But I love them with all my heart.

 Right after Easter, I had to do the unthinkable again.  Jack (who was almost 15 years old) got sick. He’d been losing weight and not eating very much, trying to go potty but couldn’t. I stayed up with him overnight.  He had some sort of seizure, and I couldn’t get him to respond. It scared me to death. Vet said it could be a blood clot, but we knew he had severe kidney problems too. I had to make the decision to put him down. It was the hardest thing I’d ever had to do. I swore I would never do it again after Chumpy, but I couldn’t stand by and let Jack suffer. Me and my daughter and son stayed with him the whole time.


 Special dogs come around only a couple times in a lifetime. (Of course to me all dogs are special, but I’m talking the very, very special ones.) Jack was one of those.  He was a blond terrier mix with the best personality. Even sick he played and barked and made you laugh. He never showed me he was hurt or feeling bad. But being the mommy that I am, I watch all my children (2-legged and 4-legged) very carefully. I knew something was wrong so I took him to the doctor.

In my heart, I know he’s in a better place with no more pain. He took a piece of my heart with him. Even now I can’t think of that night and day without crying my eyes out. I loved him so much, and it hurt more than I can ever express to put him down.

Please don’t forget to hug your children everyday (the 2-legged ones and the 4-legged ones) and show them how much you love them.   

Here is a picture of my baby boy, Jack.  


The free dog clipart used in this blog was gotten here Free Dog Clipart  

Thursday, June 4, 2015



Do you ever think back on the times when you were young and all the things you dreamed about?  Do you ever get disappointed that what you dreamed seems so far out of your reach?  Sometimes I wish I could twitch my nose and everything would be just the way I wanted it to be.  Sometimes, I think that’s stupid because it would make life so boring.  My life is anything but boring. 

I’m not a rock star, a diplomat, a big thinker.  I’m an ordinary girl who does ordinary things….a lot of them.   But I still have dreams.

My current dream is that a producer will call me and say he wants to make my book “The Fury” into a movie.  Yeah, I know.  Stretch, right?  Still, it’s a dream.  We have to start somewhere.