Monday, April 28, 2014


Do you ever have those hours, days, weeks when you have all these great plans laid out to accomplish so much in the allotted time, only to find at the end of the time that you've accomplished nothing?  Yeah, I have those a lot.

My plan was now that both kids are in college, no more school projects, no more PTO, school functions, volunteering, brownies, girl scouts, bake sales, cub scouts, boy scouts etc.  Although I have done all those things and more since my kids entered kindergarten and beyond, I would not trade one day of it.  But, both kids are in college now and I was gleeful to begin focusing on my writing again.  

The end of February, my critique partners and I did a retreat for the weekend.  I was so pumped.  I got there and started working on "The Treasure" which had sat 2/3rds done for a couple of years because I had so  much going on with family, work, parent health issues and deaths etc. that my brain was just too exhausted and overloaded to let the creativity flow.  

All we did was write that whole weekend with no interruptions except having to eat.  It was so awesome, and I got thousands and thousands of words written.  One week after that retreat "The Treasure" was completed.  I set it aside for about a month to come back with fresh eyes.  Then I was ready for editing.

So far, I've edited one and a half chapters.  Yep, the big 1.5.  I've added over 4,000 words though.  Woot!  Still, it's damn frustrating when I have this planned and I'm eager to get started and all hell breaks loose.

My son applied for a summer painting job.  The staffing agency is in California and they sent him a friggin book to fill out and all the hoops he has to go through for this job is unreal.  It's like he's applying for a secret government position.  Holy crap!

Then he's changing colleges in the fall and I had to do all the paperwork, the FAFSA, and all kinds of other stuff to get him approved, enrolled, and whatever else they require, and he hasn't even registered for classes yet.  This is like your worst nightmare on steroids.  They make it so difficult for people in not only the paperwork, but in the cost that no one can afford to send their kids to college.    This has taken weeks of going back and forth with the school and everything. (Nightmare)

My daughter was registering for her fall classes, but was missing transfer credits from a high school class she took.  So, being the good mother that I am, I called the college to get to the bottom of the discrepancy.  They told me she wasn't getting the credit because (background:  they took the placement tests over two days at high school, she missed one because she was sick and had to go to the college to do the make-up test) she didn't take the test within 7 days.  Now, I don't think I'm out of line in saying,  first, we did not get the letter they supposedly sent to us telling us she only had 7 days (hello, mail gets lost all the friggin time), and two, when I called the college, explained that she had to make up the test and they gave me dates and times she could do that, the person never once said to me that she had to make up the test within 7 days.  So on both counts, I was not aware of this fact.  She, however, took the test and did well.  So where is the problem?  I am therefore fighting the college over the credits. (Rage!)

I won't even go into the battle I'm waging over the money (it's a good chunk of money) that we were supposed to be reimbursed by my husband's insurance (he had surgery in January) that they are not giving us for some stupid ass reason!!!!!!!!!   

But I digress......
I was saying (before my raving rant) that I was excited to be doing the editing of my new book.  But now my brain is tired.  My characters have gone into hiding and I can't pry the little buggers out of their hidey hole.  It is my truest wish, upon a star, or any other flaming body, that I will be able to actually get back to my creative self and work on editing at least by the end of May when I hope to have all the current DISTRACTIONS removed.  

Well, that's my rant.  Somewhere in there I had information about my writing process and my newest book.  Good luck finding those.

Until next time, have a blessed evening.


Sunday, April 20, 2014


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