Thursday, February 13, 2014

Reese Whittaker  ("The Fury" - Book 1)

 His incredible eyes captured her attention. She took a shot of coffee which burned going down but settled nicely in her already tense stomach.

"You are descended from gods. Your bloodline is rich in heritage and power," he said.

"Gods? I'm descended from gods?"


"You're crazy. What gods?"

"A Pantheon of ancient gods known by many names in many cultures."

"Naturally," she replied.

"Why do you think Sumerian and Babylonian mythology interests you so?" His right brow rose. "Because you're descended from those on high."

Certain now that he was a nutcase, Reese decided to get rid of him before something else happened. Besides, she knew the truth behind why she immersed herself in work, to keep her sanity, to keep from falling apart.

She had been swept away by his masculinity.  That definitely couldn't happen again.

"You're directly descended from Enki, the water god, which is why Kur wants you so badly. Enki is his most hated enemy."

"I know the stories of the water god."

He inclined his head.

"How do you know this anyway?" She gestured skyward with her hands. "That was centuries ago. How can you possibly tell me that I'm descended from Enki?"

Dagan's eyes narrowed with intensity radiating from them. "I smell it in your blood, in your body's essence. It's what led me to you, and what draws Kur."

"This is absurd." She rose from the chair and went to the front door. "You need to go."

She felt his body before he said anything. "No. This fight isn't over."

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