Thursday, February 20, 2014

DAGAN  ("The Fury" - Book 1)


Dagan stared at Rufus, whose gaze roamed the landscape but wouldn't look him inn the eye. "What happened?"

"I just want you to take a deep breath and relax, okay?"

Immediately Dagan's spine stiffened and his fists clenched. "Tell me."

Rufus stepped back. "A guy showed up about an hour ago..."

"What guy? Where is he? Is she all right?"

Dagan made to move toward the door but Rufus blocked his way. "She's fine. I've been keeping an eye on them. He's one of her co-workers."

"Is he still in there?"

"Yes." He put his hand on Dagan's chest. "Take deep breaths. You can't barge in there."

"Move." Dagan all but roared the order.

The urge to tear out the stranger's various organs battered at Dagan with relentless zeal. Percilious's words echoed in his head. "Keep the fury in check and the temper controlled this eve." He knew. The bastard sorcerer knew this would happen tonight and had been warning him. How much more did he know?

He turned the knob but found the door locked. As if that would keep him out, he mused. Reese obviously didn't want to be disturbed and that infuriated him. With his mind, Dagan shifted the tumblers on the lock. He fought hard to keep the rage under control. He opened the door with a thought instead of using his hand for fear he'd break the knob clean off.

Inside he heard Reese laughing and a deeper voice saying something in a soft tone. His nostrils flared and he caught Reese's fragrance, an arousal scent for him. Did it arouse the other man as well? It damn well better not. With fierce steps, he headed toward the kitchen.

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