Thursday, February 27, 2014

Allison Brody  ("Together in Darkness")

She dressed in a burgundy suit she's designed and made herself.  She wore enough jewelry to still look professional, slipped into black three-inch heels and headed for the car. As she stepped out the front door she tripped on the white florist box that lay on the porch.  Allison didn't want to touch the box. Leaving it on the porch was not an option either, so she went back inside and grabbed a towel.

The second she touched it, a small pulse started at the base of her skull. The box acted as a conduit linking them. She dropped it in the back seat and slammed the door. Climbing into the driver's side, Allison headed for GTT. The more miles that passed the harder it was to concentrate on the simple action of driving to a place she'd been a million times. Her eyesight blurred so she pulled into a small park area.

Blindly fumbling, she found Detective Lancaster's card.

"Gloucester Police Department."

"I need to speak with Detective Lancaster," Allison said as she got out of the car.

"I'll try his line."

The phone rang twice. "Lancaster."

"Detective, it's Allison Brody, I need-" She stopped speaking. The detective said something but she couldn't hear because of the buzzing in her head. Allison fell to her knees, dizzy. The cell phone slipped through her fingers.

The vision began at a quaint little house with a paste-colored bedroom, paisley wallpaper and a white comforter that had been thrown to the floor. Gloved hands circled a young woman's neck.

Allison grabbed her head and closed her eyes to make the vision go away.

The young woman grabbed at the killer's arms and scratched at his face. His grip tightened and closed her airway. The woman slumped on the bed, her head lolling to one side.

The images moved foward.

Blood seeped into the colorful bed sheets and pieces of words written in the victim's blood crawled down the wall to a coagulated stop. Three to get ready.

Allison wilted to the ground unconscious.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

DAGAN  ("The Fury" - Book 1)


Dagan stared at Rufus, whose gaze roamed the landscape but wouldn't look him inn the eye. "What happened?"

"I just want you to take a deep breath and relax, okay?"

Immediately Dagan's spine stiffened and his fists clenched. "Tell me."

Rufus stepped back. "A guy showed up about an hour ago..."

"What guy? Where is he? Is she all right?"

Dagan made to move toward the door but Rufus blocked his way. "She's fine. I've been keeping an eye on them. He's one of her co-workers."

"Is he still in there?"

"Yes." He put his hand on Dagan's chest. "Take deep breaths. You can't barge in there."

"Move." Dagan all but roared the order.

The urge to tear out the stranger's various organs battered at Dagan with relentless zeal. Percilious's words echoed in his head. "Keep the fury in check and the temper controlled this eve." He knew. The bastard sorcerer knew this would happen tonight and had been warning him. How much more did he know?

He turned the knob but found the door locked. As if that would keep him out, he mused. Reese obviously didn't want to be disturbed and that infuriated him. With his mind, Dagan shifted the tumblers on the lock. He fought hard to keep the rage under control. He opened the door with a thought instead of using his hand for fear he'd break the knob clean off.

Inside he heard Reese laughing and a deeper voice saying something in a soft tone. His nostrils flared and he caught Reese's fragrance, an arousal scent for him. Did it arouse the other man as well? It damn well better not. With fierce steps, he headed toward the kitchen.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Reese Whittaker  ("The Fury" - Book 1)

 His incredible eyes captured her attention. She took a shot of coffee which burned going down but settled nicely in her already tense stomach.

"You are descended from gods. Your bloodline is rich in heritage and power," he said.

"Gods? I'm descended from gods?"


"You're crazy. What gods?"

"A Pantheon of ancient gods known by many names in many cultures."

"Naturally," she replied.

"Why do you think Sumerian and Babylonian mythology interests you so?" His right brow rose. "Because you're descended from those on high."

Certain now that he was a nutcase, Reese decided to get rid of him before something else happened. Besides, she knew the truth behind why she immersed herself in work, to keep her sanity, to keep from falling apart.

She had been swept away by his masculinity.  That definitely couldn't happen again.

"You're directly descended from Enki, the water god, which is why Kur wants you so badly. Enki is his most hated enemy."

"I know the stories of the water god."

He inclined his head.

"How do you know this anyway?" She gestured skyward with her hands. "That was centuries ago. How can you possibly tell me that I'm descended from Enki?"

Dagan's eyes narrowed with intensity radiating from them. "I smell it in your blood, in your body's essence. It's what led me to you, and what draws Kur."

"This is absurd." She rose from the chair and went to the front door. "You need to go."

She felt his body before he said anything. "No. This fight isn't over."

"The Fury" - Book 1 of Time Walker Series    Now Available!
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