Thursday, January 23, 2014



 Sorry I've been out of the blog arena for a while.  The holidays always seem to suck up time and I never know where it goes.

Today I want to talk about Audiobooks.

I am very excited because my debut novel Highland Stone is currently being produced as an audiobook with Audible. It has been a definite learning experience.  You work closely with the narrator/producer in making the best product you can.  While it is an interesting process, it takes hours of time. When the narrator is done, you have to listen to and follow along with the manuscript to find any imperfections.  I made a list and then I sent that back to the narrator and she/he makes the changes.  You then have to listen and read again to make sure in the corrections that everything was completed and nothing else got screwed up.  When you finish, it goes to the Audible editors and they do the same thing.  

I'm impressed at the level of professionalism and perfectionism that it takes to produce a book in audio.  I would want nothing less for my work.  

Highland Stone is now in its second round of edits.  With hope, this round will be the last for me and the narrator.  Audible will take over and do their thing.

On January 17th, I entered into a contract to have Together in Darkness made into an audiobook.  I uploaded the manuscript and am waiting to hear back from the narrator/producer for the beginning of the book.  The whole process is starting again.  

I was amazed when I uploaded the projects and started looking for narrators at the amount of information Audible requires to pick the right person for your book.  You have to fill out things such as male or female.  It gives you a place to choose accents from what location of the country/world, and then a whole slew of styles:  i.e. versatile, smarmy, sensual,  engaging, dead-pan, cowboy, etc.  You can even put information in about the age of the characters. You enter more information about the book and put it out for narrators/producers to look at.  You can also go through and enter information to pull up different narrators/producers who fall into those categories and listen to samples.  If you pick a few, you can send them a request to be the narrator/producer for your book.

Audible also runs stipend programs and if your work falls into the right place in the algorithms, it can be put in a stipend program and they will pay some or all of the production costs to the narrator/producer.

The last thing I was undecided about was whether to use male or female.  As my books are all paranormal romance/sensual, I thought a woman's voice would be more accepted.  I asked around and got pros and cons for both.  I have a female narrator/producer for Highland Stone.  However, for Together in Darkness, I picked a male narrator/producer.  Together in Darkness is a paranormal romantic suspense and I began contemplating if I found a man with a deeper tone, maybe it would make it more engaging and suspenseful.  So I am pleased with both the people I am working with.  Highland Stone will be out first and I can't wait to get some feedback on what listeners think.  Although I just started with Together in Darkness, after listening to the samples of the narrator/producer, I think it will be a successful venture.