Monday, January 9, 2012

The Battle Within

So, I was checking the different sites where my books are available to make sure the information is correct, which I do occasionally because I know gremlins or nargels can cause havoc. I was reading some of the newer reviews for "Highland Stone." One particular review caught my attention because it said that the book ended like all the other time travel novels. This made me chuckle. The ending that is in "Highland Stone" today is not the way it was originally written. It's funny. I like to be different and I write what I like. This book, however, being my debut novel, gave me the first interaction with a publisher. One who told me that while she liked the story, she felt the readers would be mad at the ending. I battled with myself for a week. I spoke to critique partners, friends who are authors, and some of my regular friends about the ending. The advice I got more or less said go ahead and conform now to get the book out there and then once you get established you can do what you want.

I caved.

Yep, I went the easy route and rewrote the ending to conform to the way the publisher felt would be acceptable to the reading public. So now I'm curious.

To the readers out there my question is "Would you be upset if you read a time travel novel or any genre for that matter if the ending wasn't like every other one you've read?

To fellow authors, have you ever been asked to make this kind of decision? If so, how did you handle it?

I will tell you how the story ended originally, or may even post the original ending if along with your comments, you ask to see it.