Monday, November 1, 2010

Winners for Halloween Blog Tour

As I promised, here are the list of the winners for each day of my blog tour. Again, thanks to all of you for joining me.

Monday October 25
Lynne Roberts

Tuesday October 26
Cathy Fierstein

Wednesday October 27

Thursday October 28
Cathy M.

Friday October 29

Saturday October 30

Sunday October 31
Cathy M.

Please email me at so I can get the appropriate information to send your prize. Thank you again for participating.


To Cook or Not to Cook

So meals at my house are never certain. That’s not how it had always been though. When I had my first child, I cooked good breakfasts and dinners and had the best snacks in the house for him to eat. By the time the second child came along, it was poptarts, cereal, toast, donuts for breakfast, and whatever I could throw together as quickly as possible for dinner. Working full time and having a husband who worked 55-60 hours a week every week didn’t help. I thought it would get better as the kids got older, but that didn’t happen. People say I’m picky, but the three of them are more picky than I ever was or could be.

Ever trying to get back into eating well and pushing healthier foods, I am always experimenting with new recipes. (My daughter laughs because sometimes we end up throwing it away and getting McDonald’s which defeats the purpose.) This time it was something for chicken. I went online and found a recipe for chicken kabobs. It seemed pretty simple so I printed it out, went to the store and bought the ingredients, and prepared to dazzle them with my culinary arts. (Really, I hate to cook, and you’ll soon see why.)

First, I couldn’t find any skewers. Plus, it poured down rain the entire day, so the grilling part was out. I decided to improvise. I got virgin olive oil (lite), and heated it in a skillet. I cut three chicken breasts (no skin, no bone) up into pieces, put water in one bowl, put the Romano cheese, one packet of Italian salad dressing (dry), and garlic powder. I dipped in water, rolled in mixture and put in skillet. To start with, three chicken breasts cut into pieces is a LOT OF CHICKEN. It took me forever to get it all cooked, and, I ran out of mixture and had to improvise again changing the Romano with Parmesan, the Italian salad dressing with Italian seasoning.

I finally got finished and having made red parsley potatoes and green beans and baked beans. I thought it was a good meal that I took a long while to make. We sat down to eat. My daughter and her best friends gobbled their dinner right up. I really liked it. When my husband and son ate it, it was well it was okay at first but then it got a little spicy at the end. So they didn’t eat all their chicken. This is the mixed reviews every time I cook. I make one meat and two or three different kinds of potato (because we all like different), and one to two vegetables. Sometimes I make a roll of some sort. (My mom says I am like a short-order cook.) I used to not mind cooking, especially the dessert parts. However, today, I usually end up eating most of the dessert myself and that’s not good. So I don’t bake that much anymore which is too bad because dessert is my favorite part of the meal!

Do any of you have similar stories either good or bad? I’d like to hear them.