Sunday, October 31, 2010


I'm so late in posting today. You'd think after over a decade of writing I'd be able to balance life and my writing career. I haven't mastered it yet. LOL

Thank you for dropping by for my last day of the Halloween Blog Tour. While you're here please have a look at my posts. I started this monthly blog in September about life and writing.

Q: What do you see in your future?

A: Many time walker stories and a following for my wonderful army of warriors. I researched for two years before I found what I needed to bring the story to life. I'm very excited about my time walkers and I hope readers are enticed and excited by them as well.

Please leave comments about anything Halloween today. Don't forget to drop by tomorrow when I post my monthly blog as I will also be announcing the winners for each day of the blog tour.

I want to thank Mary Eason, Moira Keith, Nikki Duncan, Lynne Roberts, Shelley Munro, and Delilah Devlin for opening their blog time to me. You ladies were wonderful.

Hope you have a scary, twitchy HALLOWEEN.