Friday, October 1, 2010


So last year was like the worst year I’ve ever had in my entire life and believe me I’ve had some doosies. In March I went for my regular eye exam and they told me I needed my prescription changed so I sent off the glasses for two weeks (the only pair I had) to get the prescription changed and did without (which wasn’t easy because I can’t see without them) while I waited.

Two days after getting the glasses back my vision in the right eye was blurry and I had a shadow (even without the sun shining). I thought that was odd so I called them. They checked the glasses and said they were fine so they took a picture of the inside of my eye. I was diagnosed with BRVO (brachial retinal vein occlusion). The regular doc told me I needed to see a specialist and made an appointment, but I couldn’t see that specialist because of insurance (don’t you just love that?). So I contacted my insurance, found a doctor and called to schedule an appointment. The office said I needed to see one of their other doctors to make sure I indeed needed to see a retina specialist. (Why would I be calling them if I didn’t need to see a specialist? For fun?) I said, I was told I needed to see a retina specialist which is why I’m calling. They insisted I see the other guy first, so I relented and made the appointment. I didn’t like him so much (he had the personality of a potato).

The lack of personality dude checked me out and told me to come back in six weeks. I went back in six weeks, my eye was no better, he checked me again and was going to make me wait another six weeks and come back to him. I asked what would happen if my eye didn’t get better and he said (wait for it) I would have to see a retina specialist (sounded familiar to me). So I said how about making the appointment to see the retina specialist now. He was shocked (at least I think that’s what that expression meant), but he said okay and made the appointment.

I finally saw the specialist. He did things with funky machines and took more pictures of the inside of my eye. He told me he was going to watch it for a while. It should get better with time. I made an appointment for three months. (Do you see a trend here?)

I appeared for my three month check up, but much to my dismay, my eyesight had worsened in the right eye. They dilated me, numbed my eyes to check pressure, and sat me in the waiting room. The doctor was running really late so I waited for two hours (another trend). I like this guy a lot. He’s around my age, and he loves that I’m a writer. He offered to pose for one of my covers and says that I should write a romantic story about an eye doctor. He is good looking!!!! He and I have a great rapport which is a good thing because I am going to be seeing him a lot (no pun intended) with regular occurrences of getting a shot in the eye because of swelling (I know, right!). He says some people get better and others have to keep getting the shots (I’m betting on which group I will fall under).

I’ve decided to change my lifestyle, eat better, exercise. I figure it can’t hurt. I’m vowing to take better care of myself although I thought I’d been doing a pretty good job (well except for the weight) so far. I definitely need my eyes not only for work, but for reading and keeping up my writing career. I had actually been taking care of my eyes for years. (Damn Karma!)


  1. Don't you just love the run around of going to one and they can't do or tell you anything, then you go to the other one and he's like, why did they send you here. And before you know it, you've more confused than ever. It's like fighting city hall. You can't win, no matter what you do. Hope the eyes are better. I went and had mine lasiked. Now I can see far off and not close. Before I could see close and not far off. It's fune to change ite up though. LOL
    Lots' of luck to you.

  2. OMG, Rita. I'm so sorry I didn't get back to you. This has been a wild month with things happening right and left. Thanks for your well-wishes. I can still see so that's a plus..LOL