Wednesday, September 1, 2010


So Book #2 in my Time Walker series (“The Treasure”) involves pirates. The Science Center in my area has an exhibit entitled “Real Pirates” and I absolutely wanted to see it. Research, you know. So I braved road construction and detours and went to the Science Center on Sunday anxious to see the exhibit ($9.00 for parking).

I arrived at 11:00 a.m. when the Science Center opened. I bought my ticket ($20.00, I paid extra for audio) but the exhibit didn’t open until 11:30, so I went to the Pizza Hut counter to get a small soda and a bag of M&M’s ($6.00). I sat down and drank my soda and ate my candy. I went to stand in line waiting with anticipation and staring from the balcony at the mechanical life-size dinosaurs that moved. Finally, the doors opened, or should I say went round and round and in I strolled.

I had my notebook, pen, and camera ready, but the staff person informed us that we could not take pictures. Totally bummed, I clutched my notebook and watched the three minute video. The screen lifted and into the dark realm I ventured.

I learned about the slaver ship that was captured by Sam Bellamy (the pirate) and made into a pirate ship. I saw real artifacts brought up from the depths of the ocean off Cape Cod. It was interesting, and I did get to see real cannons, sail rigging, grenades (yeah, they used them), and lots of other cool stuff. However, it was flippin hot and I thought about passing out a couple of times (maybe take a rest in the tavern replica and drink some replica beer).

I spent two hours going through the thing taking tons of notes (still bummed I couldn’t take pictures). They had a quasi life-size replica of the ship and I got to walk onto it and see how the crew lived, which was interesting. They had found two treasure chests of real treasure (Yep, full chests of pieces of eight). Totally awesome! At the finish of the tour, we are dumped out into the gift shop (naturally). I bought three large pieces of eight ($10.00).

Even though I dropped a wad while there (which bummed me too), I enjoyed the day.