Monday, November 1, 2010

Winners for Halloween Blog Tour

As I promised, here are the list of the winners for each day of my blog tour. Again, thanks to all of you for joining me.

Monday October 25
Lynne Roberts

Tuesday October 26
Cathy Fierstein

Wednesday October 27

Thursday October 28
Cathy M.

Friday October 29

Saturday October 30

Sunday October 31
Cathy M.

Please email me at so I can get the appropriate information to send your prize. Thank you again for participating.


To Cook or Not to Cook

So meals at my house are never certain. That’s not how it had always been though. When I had my first child, I cooked good breakfasts and dinners and had the best snacks in the house for him to eat. By the time the second child came along, it was poptarts, cereal, toast, donuts for breakfast, and whatever I could throw together as quickly as possible for dinner. Working full time and having a husband who worked 55-60 hours a week every week didn’t help. I thought it would get better as the kids got older, but that didn’t happen. People say I’m picky, but the three of them are more picky than I ever was or could be.

Ever trying to get back into eating well and pushing healthier foods, I am always experimenting with new recipes. (My daughter laughs because sometimes we end up throwing it away and getting McDonald’s which defeats the purpose.) This time it was something for chicken. I went online and found a recipe for chicken kabobs. It seemed pretty simple so I printed it out, went to the store and bought the ingredients, and prepared to dazzle them with my culinary arts. (Really, I hate to cook, and you’ll soon see why.)

First, I couldn’t find any skewers. Plus, it poured down rain the entire day, so the grilling part was out. I decided to improvise. I got virgin olive oil (lite), and heated it in a skillet. I cut three chicken breasts (no skin, no bone) up into pieces, put water in one bowl, put the Romano cheese, one packet of Italian salad dressing (dry), and garlic powder. I dipped in water, rolled in mixture and put in skillet. To start with, three chicken breasts cut into pieces is a LOT OF CHICKEN. It took me forever to get it all cooked, and, I ran out of mixture and had to improvise again changing the Romano with Parmesan, the Italian salad dressing with Italian seasoning.

I finally got finished and having made red parsley potatoes and green beans and baked beans. I thought it was a good meal that I took a long while to make. We sat down to eat. My daughter and her best friends gobbled their dinner right up. I really liked it. When my husband and son ate it, it was well it was okay at first but then it got a little spicy at the end. So they didn’t eat all their chicken. This is the mixed reviews every time I cook. I make one meat and two or three different kinds of potato (because we all like different), and one to two vegetables. Sometimes I make a roll of some sort. (My mom says I am like a short-order cook.) I used to not mind cooking, especially the dessert parts. However, today, I usually end up eating most of the dessert myself and that’s not good. So I don’t bake that much anymore which is too bad because dessert is my favorite part of the meal!

Do any of you have similar stories either good or bad? I’d like to hear them.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


I'm so late in posting today. You'd think after over a decade of writing I'd be able to balance life and my writing career. I haven't mastered it yet. LOL

Thank you for dropping by for my last day of the Halloween Blog Tour. While you're here please have a look at my posts. I started this monthly blog in September about life and writing.

Q: What do you see in your future?

A: Many time walker stories and a following for my wonderful army of warriors. I researched for two years before I found what I needed to bring the story to life. I'm very excited about my time walkers and I hope readers are enticed and excited by them as well.

Please leave comments about anything Halloween today. Don't forget to drop by tomorrow when I post my monthly blog as I will also be announcing the winners for each day of the blog tour.

I want to thank Mary Eason, Moira Keith, Nikki Duncan, Lynne Roberts, Shelley Munro, and Delilah Devlin for opening their blog time to me. You ladies were wonderful.

Hope you have a scary, twitchy HALLOWEEN.

Monday, October 25, 2010


10/25/10 Mary Eason

10/26/10 Moira Keith

10/27/10 Nikki Duncan

10/28/10 Lynne Roberts

10/29/10 Shelley Munro

10/30/10 Delilah Devilin

10/31/10 Sloan McBride

Prizes will be given away everyday. To enter to win, just post a comment at each blog site on the day I am there. Simple!

Friday, October 1, 2010


So last year was like the worst year I’ve ever had in my entire life and believe me I’ve had some doosies. In March I went for my regular eye exam and they told me I needed my prescription changed so I sent off the glasses for two weeks (the only pair I had) to get the prescription changed and did without (which wasn’t easy because I can’t see without them) while I waited.

Two days after getting the glasses back my vision in the right eye was blurry and I had a shadow (even without the sun shining). I thought that was odd so I called them. They checked the glasses and said they were fine so they took a picture of the inside of my eye. I was diagnosed with BRVO (brachial retinal vein occlusion). The regular doc told me I needed to see a specialist and made an appointment, but I couldn’t see that specialist because of insurance (don’t you just love that?). So I contacted my insurance, found a doctor and called to schedule an appointment. The office said I needed to see one of their other doctors to make sure I indeed needed to see a retina specialist. (Why would I be calling them if I didn’t need to see a specialist? For fun?) I said, I was told I needed to see a retina specialist which is why I’m calling. They insisted I see the other guy first, so I relented and made the appointment. I didn’t like him so much (he had the personality of a potato).

The lack of personality dude checked me out and told me to come back in six weeks. I went back in six weeks, my eye was no better, he checked me again and was going to make me wait another six weeks and come back to him. I asked what would happen if my eye didn’t get better and he said (wait for it) I would have to see a retina specialist (sounded familiar to me). So I said how about making the appointment to see the retina specialist now. He was shocked (at least I think that’s what that expression meant), but he said okay and made the appointment.

I finally saw the specialist. He did things with funky machines and took more pictures of the inside of my eye. He told me he was going to watch it for a while. It should get better with time. I made an appointment for three months. (Do you see a trend here?)

I appeared for my three month check up, but much to my dismay, my eyesight had worsened in the right eye. They dilated me, numbed my eyes to check pressure, and sat me in the waiting room. The doctor was running really late so I waited for two hours (another trend). I like this guy a lot. He’s around my age, and he loves that I’m a writer. He offered to pose for one of my covers and says that I should write a romantic story about an eye doctor. He is good looking!!!! He and I have a great rapport which is a good thing because I am going to be seeing him a lot (no pun intended) with regular occurrences of getting a shot in the eye because of swelling (I know, right!). He says some people get better and others have to keep getting the shots (I’m betting on which group I will fall under).

I’ve decided to change my lifestyle, eat better, exercise. I figure it can’t hurt. I’m vowing to take better care of myself although I thought I’d been doing a pretty good job (well except for the weight) so far. I definitely need my eyes not only for work, but for reading and keeping up my writing career. I had actually been taking care of my eyes for years. (Damn Karma!)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


So Book #2 in my Time Walker series (“The Treasure”) involves pirates. The Science Center in my area has an exhibit entitled “Real Pirates” and I absolutely wanted to see it. Research, you know. So I braved road construction and detours and went to the Science Center on Sunday anxious to see the exhibit ($9.00 for parking).

I arrived at 11:00 a.m. when the Science Center opened. I bought my ticket ($20.00, I paid extra for audio) but the exhibit didn’t open until 11:30, so I went to the Pizza Hut counter to get a small soda and a bag of M&M’s ($6.00). I sat down and drank my soda and ate my candy. I went to stand in line waiting with anticipation and staring from the balcony at the mechanical life-size dinosaurs that moved. Finally, the doors opened, or should I say went round and round and in I strolled.

I had my notebook, pen, and camera ready, but the staff person informed us that we could not take pictures. Totally bummed, I clutched my notebook and watched the three minute video. The screen lifted and into the dark realm I ventured.

I learned about the slaver ship that was captured by Sam Bellamy (the pirate) and made into a pirate ship. I saw real artifacts brought up from the depths of the ocean off Cape Cod. It was interesting, and I did get to see real cannons, sail rigging, grenades (yeah, they used them), and lots of other cool stuff. However, it was flippin hot and I thought about passing out a couple of times (maybe take a rest in the tavern replica and drink some replica beer).

I spent two hours going through the thing taking tons of notes (still bummed I couldn’t take pictures). They had a quasi life-size replica of the ship and I got to walk onto it and see how the crew lived, which was interesting. They had found two treasure chests of real treasure (Yep, full chests of pieces of eight). Totally awesome! At the finish of the tour, we are dumped out into the gift shop (naturally). I bought three large pieces of eight ($10.00).

Even though I dropped a wad while there (which bummed me too), I enjoyed the day.